How to order - It's as easy as pie once you know how


Select the frame finish that you think will work best to complement the artwork. When doing this think about where it's going, the furniture in the room, the age age of the building and so on.

Most importantly - Go with your gut! It knows best.


When you’re looking at the frame head on, this is the width of the wood.


If you are not having a mount, this is the dimensions of you artwork (width and height). 

If you are having a mount, please select the size of the mount. For example, if your artwork is A4, and you're having an A3 mount, select A3 for frame size.


We allow you to choose any frame size you’d like. If you want a custom size just add all four sides together. For example if you want a frame that is 500x600mm. 600+600+500+500=2200mm so choose the size option Custom Size (2000mm-2500mm). Please include the specifics on the order notes.


Mounts can really accentuate your artwork/photo. They create a border around your artwork with 45° cuts to lead your eye into the frame. If you'd like to select this option, please ensure you choose a frame size larger than your artwork.

The difference in size between the frame and your artwork will dictate the size of the mount. We use white mounts as standard but if you'd like a coloured one specify this in the order notes. Not sure what a mount is? Click here for examples.


This one is fairly straight forward. Choose the finish and colour you like the best. Think about what will compliment the artwork/picture that you're framing.

Need advice? Just call. All of our images are labeled for ease of use.


We love special requests! We are bespoke framers after all. We're unable to add every single option to the site so if you wanted something a bit more tailored call us now or leave the details in the order notes.

We can't wait to frame your artwork!